Dancing Hall

Dancing Hall?

Does any know which muisc was playing in dancing hall when srk & anushaka were practicing of dance.

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Dance Hall of the Dead by Tony Hillerman

A13 1986 Bush dance Petersham Town Hall music hard Yakker Rocking Band Photo

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A13 1986 Music Petersham Town Hall Hard Yakker Rocking Bush Band dancing Photo

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A13 1986 Petersham Town Hall music bush dance blind rocking music Yakker Photo

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Westport Town Hall's last dance

Pecinka and Parker navigated their choreography flawlessly, and though neither had the weightless grace of a professional ballet dancer, the slight ungainliness lent their characters an authentic humanity. Cusati-Moyer, by contrast, transformed eagerly into a monkey, a gazelle, a spider or a lumbering beast as the scene demanded. Transformational, too, was Cerveris. If there was anything like a flaw in the production, it was that the star drew the eye away from the dancers at times, even when doing hardly anything. I suppose that's star quality for you. (His presence wasn't just to sell tickets--Cerveris is an alum of Yale's drama program.


The sights seemed slightly familiar, and the wind rushing past him, through him, brought back memories of a time long past. A morning, an afternoon, when the hall of mirrors traced the sun across a darkening sky. The hall was a memory now, a crumbling artifact of the past, so long ago, when life still seemed new, only beginning to be jaded and sepia. The same cello, and the same mournful notes, but things...


Review: Preservation Hall Jazz Band gets audience dancing at Peace

  1. I am an extremely avid music enthusiast and concert-goer, so imagine my dismay at being told that dancing was not allowed at the Joe Bonamassa concert last Sunday night at Abravanel Hall. Pam the usher informed me it was against policy and that I
  2. The Preservation Hall Jazz Band turned the Peace Center into an impromptu dance hall on Thursday night as they performed a master class in the New Orleans sound. Originating from the famous no-frills music venue in the heart of the French Quarter, the 
  3. Square dancers from around the state, including Bill Reed of Milton and Janet and Gary Willard of Horicon, have been dancing at the old town hall for years. Mary Albrecht says she started in the late 1950s, and her parents remembered when the place was 
  4. In “Rock That Rolls,” the company will highlight five members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, all of whom, like Dancing Wheels itself, broke boundaries and expanded their art. “The people who have sustainability are those who can morph and cross
  5. Dancers tell you they come to this old hall on the outskirts of Riverside for the exercise. One dancer wore a pedometer as an experiment and found that, in a single night, she got in about three miles. It also keeps the mind sharp: Many claim square